Corona virus outbreak – Facts and precautions for deadly COVID-19 pandemic

COVID-19, also commonly known as Corona Virus, has been creating mass panic and hysteria amongst the youth and the old combined. The most common issue is the fact that people do not clearly understand what exactly is the COVID-19 and how they can take precautionary measures. It’s a relatively new virus, but there are already so many misconceptions about it.

Before we talk about how to prevent it by using precautions, let’s talk about some facts about the COVID-19 pandemic.

Facts about COVID-19

  • Just like any infectious virus, the growth of Corona is exponential. The virus spreads from human to human when two or more humans are closer than 6 ft of each other more.
  • According to WorldMetersInfo, 1,328,785 cases have been identified as of yet. The number is increasing by the minute.
  • China has already beaten COVID-19 as there are no critical reports of new cases. For the time being, USA has he most number of COVID-19 affected patient count as 356,007 followed by Spain with count at 135,032 and then Italy at 132,547 cases.
  • The situation in Saudi Arabia is also accelerating, as 2,523 cases have been reported as of now. The number might change by the time you read this. The country has taken measures such as shutting down malls and banning servings in food places.×1024.jpg” alt=”COVID-19″ class=”wp-image-2037″/>
  • The mortality rate is less than 1% as of now.
  • There’s no currently no cure for COVID-19, although many countries are testing various drugs. It can be controlled by following precautionary measures.
  • The travel industry is shut for the vast majority of the spots. Europe is completely shut down, and other parts of the world are following suits too. It is safe to advise not to travel at all.

Symptoms & Causes

There are specific symptoms, including flu, cough, fever, breathing difficulties, and in extreme cases, pneumonia. In rare cases, the person might be carrying the virus but not experiencing any symptoms.

There is no currently known cause of the virus. According to WHO, coronavirus was initially transmitted between animals and humans.

Precautions for Corona Virus

Because there is no cure yet, the best humans can do to prevent its spread is to follow these steps:

  • Keep yourself clean by washing hands using soap. If soap is unavailable, use hand sanitizer.
  • Wash your hands after every interaction.
  • Don’t touch your face, eyes, or mouth.
  • Stay away from people and gatherings.
  • Don’t go out if it’s not an absolute necessity.×517.jpg” alt=”” class=”wp-image-2041″/>
  • Use tissues when sneezing. Wash your hands after.
  • Disinfect all the places which you might touch daily. Use alcoholic disinfectants.

If you suspect you have the virus, you can self-quarantine yourself. What it means is to separate yourself from other humans and keep yourself in a restricted environment.

Mysteries associated with Corona

Many teams consisting of scientists and researchers have tried to find the origin of the coronavirus. Many suggestions were made based on assumptions and some data to back it up. Chinese scientists suggested that the Pangolin was the leading contender for originating the COVID-19.×1024.jpg” alt=”COVID-19″ class=”wp-image-2039″/>

There are other voices in the air that say that animals from the live market in Wuhan, China are the primary sources of the disease, but there has been no evidence of that either. There were few genetic matches with the Bat but no definite answer.” alt=”COVID-19 ” class=”wp-image-2040″/>

It is far too early to say that the COVID-19 is similar to earlier pandemics especially because the world is in a different place as to what it was in earlier centuries. The technology has progressed and so have the cures. While mysterious theories aside, the Corona virus is dangerous and spreading quickly but the mortality rate is very low and it can be controlled.×455.jpg” alt=”” class=”wp-image-2042″/>

Keep yourself and others safe!

So far, self-isolation and social distancing are the only possible solutions to prevent Corona virus. Stay at your home and find new hobbies to spend some quality and productive relaxing time.

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