Festivals to Attend on Your Trip to Turkey

Turkey is one of the most traveller-friendly nations. Whether it’s the generosity of the citizens or the stunning landscapes the country has to offer. A culture that has diversity, history, and incredible heritage. 

There’s something in the air of Turkey. It welcomes you. It stirs something inside you that makes you want to stay longer than you intended to. Along the culture and modern traditions come the festivals that take place in the country. While many states offer beautiful places to visit, none can match Turkey in the way it has combined modern facilities with fantastic heritage.

Here the top 5 festivals of Turkey for 2020 are rated.

Izmir World Fair

The Izmir World Fair or the Izmir International Fair is an annual festival held in Izmir, Turkey. Often known as the foundation of Turkey’s celebrations, the authorities organize the festivals in Kulturpark, a park situated in the heart of Izmir.

The oldest festival in Turkey, the Izmir World Fair, hosts musical and social activities. These entertainment-ridden activities follow many ones. These festive events lure visitors from all around the world into this fantastic festival that has all the flavors.

Rock‘n Coke

Rock‘n Coke is an internationally recognized music festival in Turkey. It’s the biggest rock festival organized by Turkey and takes place in Istanbul. In the Hezarfen Airfield of Istanbul, it is a huge festival attracting major musicians from around the world, including Travis, Muse, Iggy Pop, and even Linkin Park.s

If you are a music fan, this is a must-attend event.

Check out the dates of the festival and book your tickets to Turkey. 


Ramazan is the holy month of Islam celebrated by religious people in Turkey. It’s the most famous religious festival in the country, and several changes take place. People fast during the day. Many restaurants are either closed or severely closing down their menus in respect of Muslims. It brings about blessings, kindness, and generosity.

Kadir Gecesi

Kadir Gecesi, also known as Shab E Qadar, is a special night in Ramazan that comes between the 27th and 28th of Ramazan. While Ramazan already installs goodness in people, this night is special for reasons concerning Mohammad, the prophet. It’s the night The Prophet received the holy book of the Quran. The streets and mosques are completely lit with grand lighting and grand gestures. It’s a fantastic time to visit the country to witness the Kadir Gecesi in full light.


One of the fascinating festivals in Turkey, Cappadox is a mix of music, art, outdoor events, sports, and cooking activities. It is celebrated annually in the stunning city of Cappadocia. Many international artists have attended the festival.

Because of the gastronomy festival, it is one of the best festivals to attend in the country if you want to experience fantastic food in Turkey.

Visit Turkey Today!

Festivals in Turkey are quite a sight. From music to sports and nightlife to religious festivals, Turkey offers you a fresh insight into their secrets. Some festivals are celebrated in every city while others are celebrated in the major cities, but one thing is for sure, they are all fantastic events that you must attend.

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