Things to do on your next travel trip to Georgia

Nestling amidst medieval fortresses, green hills, mysterious caves and holy monasteries, Georgia is shines bright a monolithic piece of cultural and historic values. Tourists looking for a spirit provoking travel experience are suggested to visit this country to make some lifelong memories. Whether you want to explore the cultural grandeur of towns and villages or want to go out on an adventure towards lush green mountains and hills, Georgia welcomes you wholly.


Here is everything you can do in Georgia for amazing travel experience:

Water sporting in Callaway Gardens

Love water sporting and exploring beautiful lakes? Callaway Gardens is the perfect place to go. It is located to the North of Columbus on Pine Mountain. The beautiful gardens pose a breathtaking combination of floral and faunal biodiversity along with a butterfly house and artificial lakes.

For water-sport enthusiasts, Robin Lake Hosts Wakeboard Tournament and Masters Waterski Championship every year. Spend some quality time with your buddies at the world-class golf course featuring an array of walking trails.

callaway gardens

Wander the Streets of Old Town, Tbilisi

It would not be wrong to label Tbilisi as the reason behind the fame of Georgia. As the capital city of Georgia, Tbilisi is enveloped by beautiful mountains and lush hills. A look at the diverse yet beautiful architecture of Tbilisi reveals an astounding blend of historical events.

You would be fool not to get lost in the beauty of this city as you take a stroll across the city at the hour of sunset or dawn. You can also take the cable car which takes you down to the ever majestic Narikala Fortress where you can view the panoramic spectacle of the city.


Visit the Churches in Mtskheta

Explore the true essence of religion and spirituality in the religious capital of Georgia – Mtskheta. As the former capital of Georgia, this city is termed as one of the oldest (almost 4,000 years old) city of Georgia. What’s even more interesting are the three churches located in this city naming the Jvari Church, the Samtavro Monastery and the Svetitskhoveli Church.

Make sure you wear appropriate attire when you visit the churches in this city. Men are not allowed to enter the Church wearing shorts or hats while women must cover their head using a scarf and wear a long skirt.


Explore the Caves in Vardzia

As appealing as the name of this place sounds, Vardzia possess equally appealing cave monastery Aspindza. If you want to experience the aesthetics of Lord of the Rings in real life, you are recommended to visit this place which was once a home to many monks.


Climb on top of Katskhi Pillar

Step up your exploration game by climbing on top of the Katshi Pillar. This monolithic limestone pillar is about 40-meters high and also labelled as the Pillar of Life. The place has an interesting history which mainly originates from the seclusion of Stylists – a religious group slightly obsessed with sitting on top of pillars to attain holy favors.

katskhi pillar

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