Top travel destinations for Summer Holidays 2020 – Start Planning Now!

The Holy Month of Ramadhan is just around the corner and we cannot help but feel excited for the summer holidays that will be accompanying it. With the commencement of summer holidays from mid of Ramadhan 2020, it will be a great time to spend some quality time with your kids and other family members. What can be a better way to spend time together than go out for a trip in summer holidays this year? If you haven’t made up your mind regarding tour preparations in summer holidays 2020, we highly recommend that your start taking it seriously and initiate the planning phase.

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Luckily, we have compiled a list of top travel destinations and summer holiday tour packages for 2020 in this blog for you. Let’s dive in to learn more, shall we?

Favorite Destinations for Summer Holidays 2020


Georgia is a place famous for its colorful adventures and lifetime memories. Ask anyone about his Georgian travel experience and he will tell you tales of how amazing this place is actually. From the colorful city of Tbilisi and lush meadows of Svaneti to the rocky sculpted mountains of Vardzia and mountainous adventures of Stepantsmida, Georgia offers an irresistible assortment of tourist spots.

The best thing is that it offers visa on arrival but you must prepare your visa documents by mid of February to get your visa on time.georgia


Travel to Dubai this year for matchless Shopping experience and Desert Safari adventures of 2020. Dubai Explore the grandiose malls or chill on the Jumeriah Beach for world-class travel experience.

This country offers instant online visa which you can get within an hour of visa application.



For those of you who want to explore an alluring amalgam two different civilizations, Turkey is the best spot to explore. From the ancient Mosque of Hagia Sophia to the beautiful cities of Anatolia and Cappadocia, this country possesses other-worldly splendor. You can take a Blue Cruise in the Mediterranean coastline or visit the Pamukale for best photography at dawn or sunset.

Keep in mind that Turkey visa approval for Saudi citizens takes 30-40 days and you must apply for it by mid of February to enjoy summer holidays in this country.



Hailed as the land of heavenly islands and progressive civilization, Malaysia is an evergreen travel destination for summer holidays. From the vast heritage-rich islands of west-coastal Penang to the lush rainforests of Malaysian Borneo, this country offers a broad-spectrum of breathtaking tourist spots. What’s even more exciting is that you can get adventure up to your fill as you trek in the Cameron Highlands or explore the oldest tropical rain forests of Taman Negara.



Contrary to the popular belief that Egypt is all about ancient pyramids, the country offers an array of grandiose coral reefs nestling on the coast of Red Sea. Explore the breathtaking coral beach resorts or trek through the Sahara. Finish off your trip by rejuvenating your spirit with the fresh water oasis and springs.


Preparation Tips for Summer Holidays 2020

As surprising as it may seem, now is the right time to start planning for your summer holidays tour this year. The reason lies in the world-known fact; “The earlier, the better.” If you are wondering how are early tour preparations going to help you exactly, here are a few reasons to clarify all your doubts:

Follow Visa Timeline:

Did you know that Turkey takes 30-40 days for visa approval for some of the nationalities? If you have valid US, UK, Schengen visa, you are lucky enough to get the visa online in 2 minutes.

Similarly, Malaysia, Dubai and Egypt visa approval for Saudis takes 3 to 5 days for standard and rush e-visa processing options respectively.

Although Georgia offers free visa on arrival for GCC citizens, you must take all the time you need to collect the necessary documents.

Considering such disparity in visa approval timelines for different destinations, the wise thing to do is start planning for your next summer tour now so you can get enough time for collecting and sorting your visa documents.


Get a Quote from Tour Ease

Once you have decided a destination, it is time to get a quote from Tour Ease. As one of the most reputed tour agencies in Saudi Arabia, we offer flexible and customizable summer holiday quotes for the above-mentioned destinations. We will be more than happy to revise the quote as many times as you so you can avail satisfactory travel services!

Plan a Budget

Getting a quote from Tour Ease will assist you in evaluate your savings so you can make a budget that fits upcoming shopping and tour expenses. Make a budget and stick to it religiously for next two months to come

Apply for Leaves

While your visa documents get in final phase of approval, it is prime time to start applying from work leaves in case you are not getting enough holidays to meet the travel period.


Start Shopping!

As the adage goes by, “Do in Rome as the Romans Do”, you must stick to it when it comes to planning your wardrobe and other travel accessories. For instance, Malaysia usually have rainy weather and you must carry a raincoat/umbrella and waterproof luggage with yourself when travelling to any of these destinations. Pack light for destinations like Dubai and Egypt owing to the hot weather in these places. If you are planning to go Turkey, it is best to pack cotton clothes.

Book Your trip now!

Are you ready to make 2020 summer holidays the most memorable family time of your life? Start planning your next trip to any of the above-mentioned destinations now!

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