Travel Packing – Things to take on your trip to Malaysia

Malaysia is continuously on the rise on the list of the best tourist destinations in the world. From their capital Kuala Lumpur to Batu Caves and Mount Kinabalu, Malaysia offers a fantastic range of places to visit. One of the best things about it is that it is affordable.

Malaysia is a country that offers diversity and range in the places you must visit when you come to this country. Alongside these things happen the climate and the culture. There are some things you must need on your trip to Malaysia to have a memorable time there.

We have compiled a list of these things just for you:

1.    A carry-on backpack

Malaysia is a very famous backpacker destination, and for that, you need a good backpack that can house all the essentials you need. A lightweight (35L or less) bag goes a long way in saving travel costs and check-in times. It also helps you in traveling around places without keeping a mountain on your back or your chest.

travel packing1

2.    Umbrella

If you are going to Malaysia, the odds are that you’ll come across a few showers of rain. The monsoon seasons of Malaysia span a few months with the range of October-March considered safe. You still should pack an umbrella and get one from there just to be safe. If you do travel in the Monsoon season, you should also consider investing in a light rain jacket and a dry bag.

3. Lightweight clothes

Choosing the right attire is an essential aspect when packing for a trip to this country. Malaysia usually is hot and humid. You need clothes that are not just lightweight but also easy on your body. Bad news: You cannot take your favorite jeans for this trip.

Good news: You can wear lightweight clothes and even shorts during your time in the country.

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4. A compact water bottle

When you are backpacking, you need to stay hydrated. A good water bottle is a necessity when you come to this country as it’s humid.

5. Mosquito/bug repellent

In Malaysia, you will come across a lot of mosquitos and bugs ready to feast on you. You need a good repellent and its better to take one from home than to buy from the local markets.

6. Sunglasses and sunscreen, deodorant, tissues, and hand sanitizer

These are necessities required in Malaysia. Because of the humidity, there’s a lot of sweat going around, and you don’t want any of the smell to be coming from your body. Use deodorant, and keep yourself fresh.

Use sunscreen and hand sanitizer. It’s better to bring them from home as you know what suits you better. Malaysia is also surprisingly expensive when it comes to such items. Use sunglasses as well as it can get sunny out here.

Lastly, keep a lot of tissues with you because you will need them.

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7. Charging adapters for your devices

If you are traveling from the UK, good news, you don’t need specific adapters, but if you are coming from the US, you will need charging adaptors for your devices.

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